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2022 OLGA League Results

Shawnee Hills League (Thursday)

1st Place - Sally Schmidt and Maryanne Whalen

2nd Place - Sue St John and Bonnie Wobser

3rd Place - Linda Browne and Laura Kohn

Shawnee Hills League (Monday)

Due to snow and frequent rainouts, this league played various games throughout the season and did not award a top player.

Friday Morning 18 hole League

1st Place - Judy Corelli - 74.6154

2nd Place - Donna Malesky - 75.1538

3rd Place - Fiona Conner - 75.6667

(based on average low net for the season)

Paradise Lakes League

1st Place - M B Sample and Lynn Greathouse

2nd Place - Michelle Feher and Kathleen Tomaswick

Fox Den League

Traveling League

Results to follow

Weekend Social League

This league is non-competitive. Fun games are played during each round

RidgeTop League

1st Place - Lynn Hlivko

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