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Handicap and Rules of Golf

OLGA believes it is important to establish a USGA handicap. Most of our leagues and golf events require one for fair competition.  

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For 2022 the handicap system has not changed and remains the same since the changes took place in 2020 for the new World Handicap System (WHS) for golfers all over the world. The GHIN online software is very user friendly and allows golfers to enter scores hole-by-hole. This feature will become handy when figuring your Equitable Stroke (maximum strokes per hole). Remember to enter your score HOLE-BY-HOLE.

Click here for an explanation of the Net Double Bogey.

Another feature of the WHS is that the system will take course conditions into consideration. When several players enter scores that are higher than normal, the system calculates for poor playing conditions - rain, high winds, etc. The trick to this working is to enter your hole-by hole score the same day you play. This is highly encouraged as the WHS updates your handicap daily. No more waiting until the 1st and 15th. Download the GHIN app to your phone
so you will always have it with you.

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